For years, I (Matthew Brake) had read a number of books in the Pop Culture and Philosophy series, and I began to wonder, “Is there an equivalent series for Religion and Theology?” I looked around, but I wasn’t satisfied with what I found. In 2017, I launched the Pop Culture and Theology website for writers to blog about their interests in Theology, Religion, and Popular Culture with the intention of launching a book series as well. In January 2018, I signed a deal with Lexington/Fortress Academic for a series entitled Theology and Pop Culture. There are now almost 40 books under contract for the series, and the blog is still going strong! And that’s where you come in. My hope for this website is to continue to increase the quality of the site, pay our writers, and expand the platform (i.e., podcasts, video channel, etc.). And that requires time and resources, resources I’m hoping you may want to provide, but this help comes with perks:

1) Quarterly Book Rewards. Some patrons receive a reward every three months of a book that will be in some way related to Pop Culture, Religion, Philosophy, and/or Theology.

2) Private Patron-Only Facebook Discussions. Patrons will receive access to a private Facebook group for Patrons discussing their love of all things Pop Culture!

3) Additional Benefits and More to Come! As the platform expands, I hope to be able to offer more perks and benefits for Patrons.

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