Theology and Pop Culture Series

Call for Volume Submissions

The Theology and Pop Culture series from Lexington Books and Fortress Academic is interested in proposed volumes on various themes related to popular culture, i.e., music, television, movies, etc. Such themes can include a genre (ex: science fiction), a favorite director (ex: Stanley Kubrick), or an author (ex: James Baldwin). Potential volume editors should submit a CV and a short prospectus (300-500 words) including a projected table of contents (if single-authored), projected length, and a date of submission to series editor Matthew Brake at

Available Volumes:

Unknown-1.jpeg Theology and Prince, edited by Jonathan Harwell and Katrina Jenkins. Now available!

Unknown.jpeg Theology and the Marvel Universe, edited by Greg Stevenson. Now available!

9781978707955 Theology and Westworld, edited by Juli Gittinger and Shayna Sheinfeld. Now available!

MissingImageS Sports and Play in Christian Theology, edited by Philip Halstead and John Tucker. Available for pre-order!

Volumes Under Production:

Theology and Game of Thrones, edited by Matthew Brake.

Theology and Black Panther, edited by Kimberly Hampton and Matthew Brake.

Theology and Secular Pilgrimage, by Michael Xiarhos.

Theology and Country Music, by Justin Barringer and Joshua Ward Jeffrey.

Theology and Star Wars, edited by Ben Espinoza.

Theology and Star Trek, edited by Shaun Brown and Amanda MacInnis.

Eschatology and Pop Culture, by Joshua Wise.

Theology and Horror, edited by John Moorhead and Brandon Grafius.

Theology and Neil Gaiman, edited by Zachary Smith.

Holocaust Imagination, Political Theology, and Popular Culture, by Alana Vincent.

Theological Anthropology and Pop Culture, by Tim Posada.

Theology and Lars von Trier, by John Panteleimon Manoussakis.

Theology and The Americans, by George Tsakiridis.

Pneumatology and Pop Culture, by Patrick Oden.

Soteriology and Pop Culture, by Katherine Billotte-Kelaidis.

Theology and Progressive Rock, by Frank Felice and James McGrath.

The Bible and Hip Hop, by Travis Terrell Harris and Eric Jarrard.

Theology and the Films of Darren Aronofsky, by Brett David Potter.

Kierkegaard and Pop Culture, by Hoon J. Lee.

René Girard and Pop Culture, edited by Ryan G. Duns and T. Derrick Witherington.

Theology and Batman, edited by Matthew Brake and Charles Robertson.

Theology and Bob Dylan, by Christopher Barnett.

Theology and the DC Universe, edited by Gabriel McKee and Roshan Abraham.

Theology and Spider-Man, edited by George Tsakiridis.

Theology and Wes Anderson, by Joshua Hollmann.

Theology and Black Mirror, edited by Amber Bowen and John Anthony Dunne.

Moral Theology and the World of Walt Disney, edited by Jeremy Scarbrough.

Theology and Harry Potter, edited by Taylor Ott and Shaun Brown.

Theology and Christopher Nolan, by Joel Mayward.

Theology and H.P. Lovecraft, edited by Austin Freeman.

Theology and Tolkien, vol. 1, edited by Douglas Estes.

Theology and Tolkien, vol. 2, edited by Douglas Estes.

Theology and Breaking Bad, edited by David Goodin and George Tsakiridis.

Theology and Stephen King, by Joshua Wise.

Theology and the Paranormal, by Richard McCarty.

Theology and Fantasy, edited by Austin Freeman, Andrew Thrasher, and Fotini Toso.