Religion and Comics Series

Series Co-Editors: Matthew William Brake and A. David Lewis

Back in November 2018 at the American Academy of Religion, I (Matt) had the chance to speak with Tom Phillips, Director of Claremont Press. Tom spoke at the Claremont School of Theology reception about making academic literature accessible to all rather than locking it inside the ivory tower with expensive hardcover volumes and high pay walls. Tom’s vision for Claremont Press is to make all the title’s open access in their library and on JSTOR (studies show that open access books actually sell higher). He also avoids the usual academic publishing trap of publishing books first as cost-prohibitive hardcovers before releasing them as paperbacks. Instead, all of Claremont’s books are released as paperbacks with a price point between $20-$30. What I’m trying to say is…people will actually be able to read this series!

This series has an editorial board (listed below) of scholars who are experts in studying the intersection of Religion and Comics. They both approve and peer review material.

The series will come out with between 2-3 books a year, and we are definitely seeking fresh ideas for how to approach the study of Religion and Comics. If you have an idea, please email me, Matthew Brake, at

I also want to take the time to mention that although the series is backed by Claremont, it will have no specific theological or faith-based viewpoint. This is very much an interreligious project!

Forthcoming Volumes

Cults and Comics.

Strange Places: The Curious Tributaries and Twists of Apocalyptic-Heroic Violence in Mike Mignola’s Hellboy.

Inside and Outside the Panels: An Autoethnographic Exploration of Theology in Superhero Comic Books.

Religion and Horror Comics.

Superheroes, Superprophets: Examining the Prophetic Voice of Modern Comic Books.

Religion in Spider-Man Comics – A Textual Look at our Favorite Web-Slinger.

Editorial Board

Roshan Abrahams

Steve Bergson

Dan Clanton, Jr.

Elizabeth Coody

Rae Hancock

Constance Kassor

Hussein Rashid

Matthew Haar Farris

David Goodin