The Venerable Bede, Yoda, and Ascension Day

“This is just a happy coincidence in the way that these celebrations fall in the calendar. The Feast of St. Bede, always falls on May 25 (in the West), when his death is commemorated (although he actually died on May 26). The Star Wars 40th anniversary marks the debut of Episode IV, A New Hope, released on this day in 1977. And the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus is always celebrated (again, in the West) on the 40th day (traditionally a Thursday) after Easter. Also coincidentally, Bede died on Ascension Day in 735, and they happen to come together again this year.”

“Bede embraces the mystery of life and faith. He does not pretend to explain it all, but leaves much of the universe to its secrets.” Read more here.


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