When God Leaves It Unresolved: The Problem with Cliffhangers

From the good people over at Mockingbird. This seemed fitting in light of Jack Holloway’s piece on Fantasia 2000 earlier this week about waiting for the unresolved redemption of creation for which we groan.

“And, in the Romans 8 passage, Paul describes a world living in the hope that Jesus Christ did do something. The cross, Paul says, was God signing our adoption papers. In the blood of Christ, we are all made sons and daughters. It is God’s promise to rectify everything, to make everything right, the clear the weeds in the world and in ourselves. Except Paul doesn’t say that it looks much different right now. In fact, on the surface, things look basically the same: the world is still groaning, it is still rife with cliffhangers, and still grants us few solutions. But Paul doesn’t seem to think that clarity is something to be concerned with. Our hope, he argues, is invisible.”

Read more here.



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