FREE Bible and Culture Class

Hello everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I (Matthew Brake) am teaching an 8-week class on the Bible and Culture online for a small Christian school in Bowie, MD called William Seymour College.

William Seymour is a new school, led by a former professor of mine named Dr. Estrelda Alexander, who founded the school about 8 years ago.

In an attempt to give people a sampling of what William Seymour has to offer and to create interest in the college, William Seymour is offering a free “test drive” of some of its classes this summer. In other words, you can take one class for FREE this summer (with a $25 registration fee), and if you like it, you can decide to then stay and pursue a degree with William Seymour.

I mention all of this to say that if you want to, fee free to sign up for my Bible and Culture class, which will, among other things, explore the Bible’s intersection with Pop Culture.

The primary text I will be using is The Bible: A Very Short Introduction by John Riches.

Course work will include the following:

-Weekly Discussion Board Posts (and replies to classmates)

-Two Short Reflection Papers

-A 5-page Final Research Paper

-(Optional) Online Google Hangout Discussion and Lecture Sessions (TBD)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

To register, please go to



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