Sidebar: Everyday Evil and the Visions of 616 Hickory Branch Lane

From our friend Rev. Samuel Blair over at The Chaplain’s Report:

“The fatal flaw of the Vision in creating his family and trying to live a normal life is that that he did not see how much evil there was in normal life. The Vision, he recounts to himself, has saved the world 37 times. Yet he cannot protect his family, or even himself, from human nature. The Vision acts as a failed messianic figure in this respect. He has godlike powers and empties himself of their prestige to dwell among men as one of them. In that respect he is Christlike. In his participation with humanity though, he proves to be vulnerable to the same evil and sins that humanity itself is plagued by precisely because of sinful human nature. Perhaps his achilles heel is the belief that because he has saved the world 37 times he will be somehow immune to the everyday evil that affects himself and his family. Or perhaps it’s that the everyday evil he faces, and that we all face, simply cannot be defeated by punching it really hard.”

Read more here.


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