New Release from A. David Lewis: Kismet – Man of Fate!

From the Eisner Award-nominated team of A. David Lewis and Noel Tuazon, along with Rob Croonenborghs and Ghost Glyph Studios, comes the debut collected trade paperback from A Wave Blue World featuring the world’s first Muslim superhero – Arriving in shops nationwide on November 28, 2018 and available online for order now, it’s Kismet, Man of Fate! 

“Kismet” was the name given by Free France operatives to their superbly talented Algerian agent. For nearly the entirety of World War II, Kismet thwarted fascist efforts, first in his home country and then covertly in occupied France. Whether supernatural or superhuman, Kismet’s abilities allowed him, seemingly, to look moments into the future – to react with finesse and lightning speed to any peril. Yet, days before the launch of Operation Dragoon, Kismet went missing, likely the victim of foul play.

The Allies won. Time went on.

In the weeks following the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, intense headaches began to seize city planner Qadar Hussein. It was diagnosed at post-traumatic stress, considering Qadar’s proximity to the blasts as well as unwarranted suspicion of his involvement. The pain gradually increased until, on the anniversary of the Bombings, an uncanny event unfolded: Kismet took the place of Qadar.

After 70 years of being inexplicably displaced outside of reality, Kismet could now return, swapping places with Qadar. The duo initially shared this secret with only two others: Qadar’s sister Deena and their friend Rabia. In time, they would be sought out by Laure Lamont, billionaire philanthropist and grand-daughter of Kismet’s wartime handler. With her guidance and financial support, they could train, they could plan, and they could make a difference as a superhero for modern-day Boston.

Neither Kismet, Qadar, Deena, nor Rabia suspected Larue’s true intentions. She had been awaiting Kismet’s return, they knew, but not her larger scheme: To frame Kismet and, in turn, shift the course of political fate in the United States.  On the night of the Republication Presidential Primaries, Rabia, Deena, and Qadar – with Kismet ready to emerge from his space outside reality – race to prevent their former ally from gassing a room of unsuspecting civilians.

One will die. One will quit. And the whole country will prepare to fight fascism once again.

Continued in Kismet, Man of Fate – Volume 1: Boston Strong


*Kismet v. ISIS


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