Debriefing the Batman Conference

Hello friends!

A few weeks ago, I was able to attend a conference at Bowling Green State University celebrating the 80th anniversary of Batman.

It was a very fun conference. I presented twice: once on the depiction of evil in Grant Morrison’s Batman run, and on Joker and Nietzsche.

While there, I was able to see a number of friends and colleagues including James McGrath (who I did the Nietzsche panel with), Joshua Wise (who’s writing a book on Eschatology for the Theology and Pop Culture series), as well as Danny Anderson of the Sectarian Review podcast, Chris Maverick of the VoxPopCast, and Coyle Neal of the City of Man podcast.

Danny had Chris, Coyle, and myself onto his podcast a week or so ago to discuss the conference. I’ve listed the link to Danny’s show below.

Listen here.


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