Monsters and Saints: Stranger Things Meets Daniel 7

Our friend, Rev. Dr. Leah D. Schade over at EcoPreacher has written a piece on Stranger Things I thought was worth sharing here:

“Monsters are mythical creatures symbolizing that which terrifies and terrorizes us.  Whether it’s the Demogorgon of Stranger Things, or Grendel in the medieval story of Beowulf, or the beast with ten horns in the book of Daniel, these monsters represent forces of incredible malevolent power.  They show up in our nightmares, inthe scary costumes we wear on Halloween, and the frightening stories we tell around campfires. Monsters hide in the shadows, stalking us, waiting to jump out when we least expect it and tear us limb from limb.  They feed on the weak, overpower the strong, and threaten to destroy the world as we know it.”

Read the rest here.


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