Jesus, Four Gospels, and the Reign of the Supermen

Back in June, I (Matthew Brake) began writing comic reviews for the website Monkeys Fighting Robots.

I have very much enjoyed the experience, and through it, I’ve gotten to get to know some of my fellow reviewers.

One in particular, Zac Owens, wrote a piece that I wanted to share with you all, looking at the witness of the Four Gospels and the 90s comic book event Reign of the Supermen. Zac does a very cool job talking about the emphases of the different Gospels and how they each highlight part of the theological identity and importance of Jesus of Nazareth to the Christian community.

Likewise, Superman, who himself has become more of a messianic figure in his depictions over time, not only goes through his own death and resurrection, but also with four different “witnesses” that each highlight a different part of his character.

Click here to check out Zac’s article, and give the Monkeys Fighting Robots folks some love!


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