Help A. David Lewis Write KISMET, MAN OF FATE, Vol. 2

In 2014, writer A. David Lewis brought the first Muslim superhero in comic books back from oblivion. He produced, along with Noel Tuazon, Rob Croonenborghs, and Taylor Esposito, the first volume of KISMET, MAN OF FATE, a character not seen in print for over 70 years.

Kismet 2

Setting the story in the present, Kismet transitions from WWII Nazi-fighter to 21st century fascist-basher…but not with his fists. Allied with modern-day LGTBQ and minority teammates, Kismet becomes an activist and protestor, putting his powers again to the greater good but now in a new way.

Kismet 3

After the critically acclaimed first volume from A Wave Blue World, Lewis is raising funds for a second one taking place in the thick of the Trump administration.

To support the patreon for KISMET, MAN OF FATE, vol. 2, click here.


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