Analyzing Religion in Jonathan Hickman’s POWERS OF X #1

Hello Everyone!

Our friends over at Sequart are doing a blog series analyzing Jonathan Hickman’s current run on Marvel Comics’ X-Men, starting with the House of X/Powers of X series that kicked it off.

We previously posted a link to the analysis of House of X #1 here.

The writer, David Canham, gives a thorough analysis of the text and does an excellent job of accentuating the religious elements from Powers of X #1. Here is an excerpt:

Powers of X as a series can be interpreted as the apocalyptic literature of Hickman’s young X-Men run. The tell-tale characteristics of this genre of religious writings are found throughout the series. Powers of X #1 serves as a set-up chapter, introducing many of the themes and symbols that will later be expounded upon more fully in later issues. At the same time, it also delves deeper into the idea of prophecy in dreams and visions of the future. Accordingly, every scene includes various religious symbols to unpack and decipher.”

Read the rest here.


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