The Pastor of Cobra Kai

As she often does, our friend Rev. Leah D. Schade at the EcoPreacher blog has written another great blog on a piece of pop culture–the hit series Cobra Kai!

Rev. Schade specifically points out how the series does an excellent job of accurately portraying a mainline Protestant pastor:

“He didn’t turn into a Bible-beating, gay-hating, science-denying Fundie.  It was a moment of genuine pastoral care by a guy with an ignoble past who has tried to be a better man.  And now he’s trying to help his buddy be a better man as well. It was a moment of redemption – both within the story, and for the portrayal of mainline Christian pastors in pop culture. Even the show’s attention to detail was impressive.  The paraments on the pulpit were liturgically correct! They were green for the season of Pentecost, which is exactly right for that time of year, late September.  And when Bobby says he intends to have the church make a donation to help pay for [SPOILER], he cautions that it won’t be as much as he’d like. ‘We’re still paying for our new roof.’  Again, very realistic, as any pastor who has dealt with church building issues knows.”

Click here to read the entire article.


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