Analyzing Religion in Jonathan Hickman’s Powers of X #3

As many of you who follow this website know, I have sporadically been linking up to a blog series (by David Canham) from our friends at Sequart about Jonathan Hickman’s House of X/Powers of X series that launched the current X-Men era at Marvel Comics.

The series is full of religious ideas and symbolism, and David has done an excellent job of bringing some of those to light!

Here is an except from his latest entry on Eschatology in Powers of X #3:

“This setting also allows Hickman to explore a deeper question: What makes you keep fighting at the world’s end? He literally has the priest of the so-called Church of Ascendancy ask the suddenly violent Cardinal: ‘Wh-why are you doing this?‘ Cardinal doesn’t exactly give a straight answer but does relate how he has been driven so far as to sacrifice his pacifism for the sake of the fight against evil. But, if the world is coming to an end, what motivates your sacrifice? What difference does it make? The dying priest, at least, claims, ‘I do it for my god.‘”

Read the whole article here.


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