Analyzing Religion in Jonathan Hickman’s House of X #3

Hello friends!

Again, I wanted to link another chapter of David Canham’s ongoing blog series over at Sequart about Jonathan Hickman’s House of X/Powers of X series, which kicked off his current run on the X-Men.

David presents another terrific analysis of the religious themes in Hickman’s work. Here is an excerpt:

“Cyclops asks two good questions at the beginning of House of X #3; questions that any believer in any religion has most likely asked at some point: ‘Is it wrong that I’m afraid? That I have doubts?’ He has good reason to fear; the X-Men team he has assembled is being sent on a suicide mission (and the parallels to the X2 era from the previous two chapters don’t offer much hope of survival). Doubt is a natural part of a life of faith. Almost every believer will at some point go through a crisis of faith and wonder if what they believe, what they are living for, is right. In this scene, Cyclops probably doesn’t doubt completely whether his faith is in the right place or not – his deeper concerns are not revealed in detail. But, he definitely has reservations about the mission.”

Read the whole thing here.

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