Analyzing Religion in Jonathan Hickman’s House of X #4

Hello Everyone!

Once again, I want to draw attention to David Canham’s blog series over at Sequart about Jonathan Hickman’s House of X/Powers of X series.

Canham does an excellent job in this piece of examining the use of martyrdom themes in House of X #4. Here is an excerpt:

“Nightcrawler then transports himself and Wolverine to the one place where they can finish the mission. It costs them their lives, but Wolverine delivers the final blow that destroys the Mother Mold. Cyclops then telepathically tells Jean, ‘…it’s done. It’s cost us our friends – our family – but it’s done.’ Soon afterwards, they too are killed. This team of X-Men may have won the victory and should be duly honored for their sacrifice, but the reaction of Prof. Xavier and the other mutants on Krakoa reminds us that especially a martyr’s death is a profound tragedy.”

Read the entire article here.


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