Analyzing Religion in Jonathan Hickman’s Powers of X #6

I’m happy to present the second to last entry in David Canham‘s ongoing blog series for Sequart on religion in Jonathan Hickman’s House of X/Powers of X. Next week, I will be posting a link to his epilogue for the blog series.

Here is an excerpt:

“In returning to the theme of prophecy, Hickman brings his series full circle; prophecy was also the central focus of Chapter 2: Powers of X #1. As written in the essay on that chapter: ‘Powers of X as a series can be interpreted as the apocalyptic literature [a form of prophetic writing] of Hickman’s young X-Men run. The tell-tale characteristics of this genre of religious writings are found throughout the series. And they return in this issue. Many prophets share the same prophecy multiple times, sometimes from different points of view, sometimes adding and refining certain aspects. The first scene in this issue is – with the exception of a new first page – a panel for panel reprinting of the first seven pages of Chapter 2: Powers of X #1. We find the same emphasis on the fortune teller at the fair. We see the same tarot card inspired images of the X2 era. And, as already mentioned, we experience anew the first meeting of Moira and Charles in the X0 era. This section ends, once again, with the crucial moment he reads her mind.”

Read the entire blog here.


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