LUCIFER and the Female God

By Princess O’Nika Auguste Lucifer ​is one of my favorite current television shows. It has everything that someone could want: humor, horror, magic, romance, and action. ​Lucifer ​focuses on Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil himself, who has abandoned his role as Ruler of Hell because he is bored and unhappy. He also leaves Hell to defy his father, God….

“I’m Alright”: The Sovereign Expressivist Self in Lucifer Season Four

By Charles Hackney and Amanda MacInnis-Hackney In 2018, after three seasons, Fox Network announced the cancellation of the television show, Lucifer. Based on the work of Neil Gaiman, the show was about Lucifer living in Los Angeles, the owner of a nightclub, and living the playboy lifestyle. Lucifer became a consultant to the LAPD, working…