Sorry to Bother You…But We Need a Prophet

By Fr. Linh Hoang Sorry to bother you is a statement that polite telemarketers say when customers answer their phones. It is a way to get your attention and draw you into their sales pitch. Sorry to Bother Youis also a movie about Cassius Green an unemployed, black Oakland, California resident who lands a telemarketing job….

Left Alone: Luke Cage and the Post-Racial (Black) Hero

By Muoki Musau I admit off the jump that I don’t watch a lot of TV shows or movies. This isn’t to say that I don’t watch anything; rather, I do not prioritize finding things to watch. Luke Cage, however, caught my attention when it was released on Netflix, and, like many, I was intrigued…

The Theology of Moana

“I was raised in conservative Christianity that had very specific categories for who I could be. There were expectations for what my priorities should be, and there were rigid boundaries dictating where I could not go as a girl, who I could not be. Like Moana, it was always a struggle.” Read more here.

Not Your Mother’s “Wonder Woman”: A Feminist Review

A great piece by Leah D. Schade over at EcoPreacher. “As I watched Wonder Woman not only withstand every weapon launched against her, but inspire her comrades to rise and join her, I thought of the legendary Deborah from the Bible’s book of Judges.  Like the Hebrew warrior-prophetess, Wonder Woman is the only one brave…

Reassessing Religion through ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

An excellent piece from Red Letter Christians. “Yet, in the fog of Margaret Atwood’s story, I realized that I was being sexualized, just in a different way. I walked to my dorm, Houghton Hall. As a resident, I was called a ‘Houghton Heifer.’ I always thought that the name was put on us because of…