Reassessing Religion through ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

An excellent piece from Red Letter Christians.

“Yet, in the fog of Margaret Atwood’s story, I realized that I was being sexualized, just in a different way. I walked to my dorm, Houghton Hall. As a resident, I was called a ‘Houghton Heifer.’ I always thought that the name was put on us because of the extra 20 pounds we gained in our first year at the school. But it had a new meaning as I held the worn tale. I was a young female cow, who had not yet borne a calf. I was a breeder. I shuddered.”

Read more here.


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  1. sex line stories says:

    This is a truly frightening tale…but what scares me is it reminds me of the yadizi women


    1. How so? Say more.

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      1. sex line stories says:

        Look the yadizi women up on Google. It’s to much to go into here


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