Call for Papers: Theology and Prince

Call for Papers: Theology and Prince

Editors: Rev. Katrina E. Jenkins ( & Jonathan H. Harwell (

Theology and Pop Culture is currently seeking contributions for a potential edited volume of essays on theology and the life, music, and films of Prince Rogers Nelson. Essays should be written for academics, but avoid jargon in order to be accessible for the layperson.

Potential ideas include but are not limited to:

Prince’s evolution from Seventh Day Adventist to Jehovah’s Witness; his study of religions; theological themes in his music, words, symbols, aesthetics, fashions, and paratexts; liberation theology; race; African American religious culture; political views; humanitarianism; pacifism; vegetarianism; theology of the body; apocalyptic eschatology and views on death and afterlife; spirituals and gospel music; public and private homilies; views on gender and sexual orientation; hypnotism; proselytism; spiritual alter egos (e.g., Camille, Spooky Electric); the third eye; Prince’s effects on theology, religion, and spirituality; spiritual ethnography of fans and associates; interviews; archival research; unreleased works; interfaith connections; spheres of influence; utopias and dystopias; or spiritual crises.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Please submit an abstract between 300-700 words with CV or resume, including a list of any previous publications, via this online submission form by July 16, 2018. The submission form at requires a free Gmail account.
  2. Notification of acceptance will be by late August 2018, and the deadline for drafts (6,000-10,000 words) of accepted papers is January 14, 2019.

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