Call for Papers: René Girard and Pop Culture

This is a call for abstracts for an edited volume in the Theology and Pop Culture series published with Rowman and Littlefieldand edited by Ryan Duns and Derrick Witherington. We are looking for papers that engage and apply the theological insights of René Girard to contemporary culture.

Topics Might Include:

  • Mimetic theory and contemplative or liturgical praxis
  • Instances of true and false transcendence in literature and cinema
  • Examples of “ontological sickness” and theological responses
  • James Alison’s insights into Christology, Original Sin, and Eschatology
  • Girard and Inter-Religious Dialogue
  • Theories of Atonement
  • Mimetic readings of Horror or Romance
  • Girard and Comic Books
  • Fashion trends and marketing examined through the lens of mimetic theory
  • Does Girard provide us a theological way of recognizing and responding to scapegoating?
  • How mimetic theory uncovers concealed layers in popular literature (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings) movies (Captain Marvel,StephenKing’s It), or television series (Game of Thrones, Hoarders, Keeping Up with the Kardashians)
  • Theological critiques of Girard’s work drawn from culture
  • Depictions of Satan in popular culture
  • Depictions of Jesus in popular media
  • Religious Violence
  • Implications for economics or politics

Target audience is scholars of religion and theology, though essays should be accessible for educated non-specialists.

Prospective Authors should submit CVand an abstract of 300-500 words by July 15, 2019. Authors should expect to deliver full chapters by December 15th, 2019with any necessary revisions made by February 1, 2020.

Questions and submissions can be sent to Ryan Duns, SJ:


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