Free TheoCon Webinar April 21!

Hello friends! I wanted to make you aware of an opportunity this week, Tuesday April 21 at 2pm EST.

Rev. Shayna Watson, founder of TheoCon, will be giving a presentation for a webinar hosted by the Religion Communication Congress. This conversation about how ΘeoCon (Thee-Oh-Con) features undeniable themes of theology and morality throughout pop culture, such as good versus evil, forgiveness, redemption, metaphysics, and are too often seen as secular themes only, rather than as spiritual, and a part of God’s story.

As founder of ΘeoCon (pronounced Thee-Oh-Con): Where Theology Meets Pop Culture!, a one day comic book convention-style event, Watson offers an embracing, open and affirming space for people to converse about or illustrate realities of the human condition as reflected in myth, fictional characters, and their narratives.

The link for Shayna’s livestream can be found here. The livestream will not be recorded and will only be available at the broadcast time.

The TheoCon planning team (including myself) will also be present for it. I hope you can join us!


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