Book Review: Theology and the Marvel Universe

The good folks over at the American Academy of Religion’s Reading Religion book review site have posted a very nice review of the Theology and the Marvel Universe book from the Theology and Pop Culture series!

The review, written by A.G. Holdier, highlights the book’s depth and breadth of content, which may seem daunting to the casual reader at times, but also provides a diversity of content and exposure to new material that they might appreciate. Holdier concludes:

“In short, within Theology and the Marvel Universe, just as within both the discipline of theology and the books, movies, and more that comprise the Marvel Universe, there is plenty of room for all kinds of readers; this work invites its audience into further conversations to broaden their horizons. Consequently, there might be no better description of its theme than the words of Stan ‘the Man’ Lee himself: ‘Excelsior, true believer!'”

Read the full review here! 


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