Theology, Religion, and Pop Culture Series Sale!

Hello Friends! From now through 01/08/2022, Lexington books is offering a 35% off sale on all in-stock titles (forthcoming titles not included).

You can find out more specifics about the sale by clicking here.

You can use the discount by going to the book series website and using code 21JOYSALE when you checkout.

You can go to the series website by clicking here, or check out the links below if you have a specific book in mind:

 Theology and Prince, edited by Jonathan Harwell and Katrina Jenkins. Now available!

 Theology and the Marvel Universe, edited by Greg Stevenson. Now available!

 Theology and Westworld, edited by Juli Gittinger and Shayna Sheinfeld. Now available!

 Sports and Play in Christian Theology, edited by John Tucker and Philip Halstead. Now available!

 Theology and Horror: Explorations of the Dark Religious Imagination, edited by Brandon Grafius and John Morehead. Now available!

 René Girard, Theology, and Pop Culture, edited by Ryan G. Duns and T. Derrick Witherington. Now available!

 Theology and Spider-Man, edited by George Tsakiridis. Now available!


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