30% Discount on the Theology, Religion, and Pop Culture Series!

Up through May 04, 2023, Lexington/Fortress Press is offering a 30% discount on all books in the Theology, Religion, and Pop Culture series with discount code LXFANDF30.

This discount includes not only hardcovers but ebooks and paperbacks as well (so definitely worth looking at the paperbacks for Theology and Prince and Theology and the Marvel Universe).

Other books to consider purchasing are the recently released Theology and Black Mirror (especially with the announcement of a new season), as well as forthcoming titles this summer, including Theology and the Star Wars Universe, Theology and Breaking Bad, and Theology and H.P. Lovecraft.

Perhaps with the announcement of a new Spider-Verse movie, you’d be interested in purchasing Theology and Spider-Man. A new season of Westworld has also been announced for HBO, so why not purchase a copy of Theology and Westworld?

Other important volumes tackle topics like Horror, Eschatology, Sports, and the thought of René Girard in pop culture.

If you have questions about the discount, please contact us at popandtheology@gmail.com.


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