2018: Top Five Posts

We’ve now come to the end of our second year as a blog site, and oh what a year it has been!

Our contributors have produced a lot of great content (special shout out to Corey Patterson for his regular contributions this year. He just got a gig with Monkeys Fighting Robots that I know he’s going to do great with!), and happy to say that our views doubled this year.

One exciting thing that happened this past year was that we were able to get a book series off the ground with Lexington Books, and we currently have a number of volumes at various stages of production (the first volumes will probably hit between Summer/Fall 2019).

I am sad to say that our co-founder and editor extraordinaire Jenny Anvari will be stepping down after the new year. Jenny is an incredible person and jumped into this venture with me (Matt) at the beginning, so I’m sad not to have her as my co-pilot moving forward (but please check out her business here).

Nevertheless, I’m excited for what the new year brings!

I’ve compiled a list of the Top Five Blogs of 2018. Hope you enjoy (and feel free to browse last year’s list)!

black_panther_poster_1000-920x584 1. Liberation Theology in Black Panther

georgeharrison-hero-515575804 2. Hindu Themes in Western Popular Culture: A Tale of Two George’s, Part One

v1.bjsxNTQzNjIxO2o7MTc1Njc7MTIwMDsyNjY3OzE1MDA 3. “Get Out”: Racism in the Place of Theological Discourse

John Daniel Harry Potter 4. Voldemort Fears Death and Dumbledore Does Not: A Decisive Difference

Young Sheldon5.  The Philosophy of Young Sheldon





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