Call for Papers: Jinn and Comics

Volume Editors: Matthew Brake and A. David Lewis

This book will be the first in the Claremont Press Religion and Comics series and will bring a wider understanding of Jinn and their representation in comics and graphic novels to a broader audience. The Jinn may be perhaps the most popular Westernized version of (pre-)Islamic cosmology, although many stories about Jinn are written by non-Muslims, with no real engagement with the depth of Jinn mythology. As such, Jinn tend to be used as a means of opening up creative storytelling decisions in comics by introducing a category of supernatural beings that inhabit a much more liminal and morally ambiguous space. This volume will bring awareness about the Jinn, examine the ways that the theology behind the jinn is or isn’t engaged in the graphic storytelling, and will critically engage with the various adaptations, innovations, and appropriations of the concept of the Jinn in comics and graphic novels.

Potential Topics for Contributors:

  • Swamp Thing as “genii”
  • Myx and Bat-mite
  • Cei-U: Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt, and the Justice Society of America
  • Morrison’s Cosmic Sprites as jinn
  • Are readers jinn-like?
  • “Genies” orientalized
  • Jinn in G. Willow Wilson’s Cairo
  • Pre and Post-Islamic Jinn in comics (and how to tell the difference)

Abstracts of 250-500 words are due to volume editors Matthew Brake and A. David Lewis at by October 1, 2019. Acceptances will be issued in November, with final manuscripts of 4,000-5,000 words due by May 31, 2020.

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