Call for Papers: Theology and Protest Music

Editors: Dr. Heidi M. Altman ( & Jonathan H. Harwell (

Theology and Pop Culture is currently seeking contributions for a potential edited volume of essays on theology from various faiths connected with protest music of various popular genres.  Essays should be written for academics, but avoid jargon in order to be accessible for the layperson.  Women and people of color are particularly encouraged to contribute. This is an ecumenical and interreligious book series in which LGBTQ+ persons are affirmed and welcomed. Authors are invited from various fields, including theology, religious studies, ethnomusicology, anthropology, sociology, and critical media studies; and musicians are welcome contributors.

Potential ideas include but are not limited to:

Protest music (musicians, songs, albums, music videos, musicals, new media, etc.) in folk, bluegrass, country, blues, reggae, funk, hip hop, punk, rock, jazz, gospel, etc., and its intersections with various religious or spiritual traditions, including liberation movements with spiritual elements (Black liberation theology, Latin American and Caribbean liberation theologies, LGBTQ+ rights, indigenous rights, and other justice movements).  

We envision an edited collection with chapters divided into two sections–  a set of overviews of protest theology in specific genres of popular music (e.g., protest theology in funk music), as well as a set of specific studies of musical artists, songs, albums, music videos, etc., from various genres and faith traditions (e.g., The Staple Singers’ protest theology and the Long Civil Rights Movement).

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Please submit an abstract between 300-700 words with CV or resume, including a list of any previous publications, via this online submission form by May 1, 2021. The submission form at a free Gmail account; however, via the form you may provide an alternate email address for communications.
  2. Notification of acceptance will be by mid-June 2021, and the deadline for drafts (6,000-10,000 words) of accepted papers is November 1, 2021.

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